Saturday, 4 July 2015

Button holes

This is a note to me, so please feel free to totally ignore.

In the last week I have knitted not 1, but 2 lots of button holes and to be honest I've been very disappointed in the way that they turned out.  So the last lot got tinked and I started over. after great thought I came up with the following.  A buttonhole that doesn't need tidying.

Row 1 :
k to st before buttonhole. (SSK, K2tog)  Continue and repeat evenly spaced.

Row 2:
P to first decrease. (P1,K1 into st, wrap 2, K 1,P1) Continue and repeat at every buttonhole.

Row 3:

K to st before double wrap. K first wrap into st. K second wrap into next st. Continue and repeat at every double wrap.

Ta Da!

Thank you very much.....

Friday, 3 July 2015

It's Past Mid Summer!


It has just passed Mid-Summer and all the Oilseed Rape has finally gone over.  As a result I'm able to breathe!  A fantastic state of affairs if I say so myself.  Still left with shed-loads of meds a day but I've finally been able to to achieve things, which make me a very happy Yarnspider.
IMAG0054I have, for example, finally finished Jen of Fernhill Farm's Fabulous Romney x Shetland Fleece.  Rather pleased with the results actually.  It was a fantastic fleece to prepare and spin very well shorn, so no second cuts or wobbly bits. Woollen spun, it yielded a lofty light DK (approx).  (I suspect as they have just been shearing, there maybe more if you wished contact them.)    Clearing this has enable me to crack on with the other Fernhill Fleece project and I have just started seriously spinning the coloured BFL x Shetlands for cloth.  This will take longer as I am spinning proper worsted with a high twist for the loom. but it's getting there.  Will blog again once I've plyed the first skein.

IMAG0599IMAG0064And of course, it's the Grass Tennis season. So I have been able actually finish knitting whilst watching.  The first to finally come off my needles, is my Celtic Lattice Vest .   It took me forever to knit primarily because I was only knitting it in bed whilst listing to audio books until I reached the armpits and steeks. It's knitted from the yarn I had left over from my Bee Jacket, but looks totally different! the whole negative colour thing I suppose.  It's going to be very warm this winter though and that is very important.

Right then. Off to more knitting and spinning and lots more tennis!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Slowly but surely.


It's been a difficult couple of weeks here, but hopefully it's finally improving.  The local rapeseed fields have gone over, so my COPD/Brittle Asthma combination is finally settling down and soon I should be back to where I was before. Well, nearly anyway!

So slowly and surely, and with lots of help (and some heavy duty medication) I'm getting back into the swing of things... Earlier in the week I was given a Suffolk-cross lambs fleece.  Now, whilst I had come to the conclusion that I had one more fleece to wash and that would be it, this was a present.  And it would have been rude to turn it down.  So, with my fabulous friend Carol's help it was dagged out and skirted and I popped it into soak.  Anita (wonderful person!) came up and helped me rinse it out and as it was wet already, pop it into the dye pot and look what happened? So pleased at the way it turned out.

IMAG1437 I also finished a pair of socks this week. They fit very well and are made from a lovely yarn (Araucania Huasca (Botany Lace).  But I am not at the moment feeling the love I did when I first picked up the skein. Odd.  Oh well.
As this week was the second week of the Tennis at Roland Garos I also settled down and darned vast quantities of socks.... The Speed Weve really does rock.


Using the odds and ends of multi coloured sock yarn really does make a dull job go faster....

More later.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sorry for the gap.

IMAG1382As you will have gathered, I wasn't as on the mend as I had hoped. So. One Ambulance ride to hospital, and a further two visits by the paramedics later, I will go as far as to say I'm making progress, but until I have another chat with the Clinic at the Hospital on Wednesday I'm loath to commit to how much. (The third call out being only the day before yesterday...!)

But I have made progress and that is the important bit.

IMAG1331I've also knitted. A lot.  A pair of Socks have popped off to a new home.


And my fabulous Sheep Shawl Kit is now a kit no more, but a stunning, yummy huge shawl which will see a lot of use next winter.


With help from my fabulous Husband (Braved the crowds at John Arbon's Open Day) who bought my stash top up for me. And my brilliant Son who has helped me by doing the heavy lifting when I needed and change and dyed my baby camel and silk with saffron for my next winters project.  I have managed to stop myself going totally nuts.  But it has been a close run thing.