Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Still here!


Last weekend I was lucky enough to get to Wonderwool Wales. There was no way I could have done it in one day, So Darling Hubby was kind enough to drive and we spent the evening with the fabulous Freyalyn and Mark.  A splendid evening and excellent breakfast then a gentle wander home.  Fantastic countryside, with amazing vistas.

It was lovely to meet up with old friends and make some new.  Seeing all the fabulous colours and textures has really given me the inspiration I needed to start, very slowly to put one step in front of the other once more.
Whilst I haven't managed much spinning until this last week or so as treadling left me knackered, I have managed to do some sewing.  My fabulous Pfaff is treadle less so it really is the case of turning it on and feeding the fabric through.

I finally finished the last layer of what was to be my Christmas outfit.  It's another Tina Givens pattern, this time the Lotus Jacket in very fine woolen lawn. I' still in two minds as to whether to pop it in the dye pot, but for now, it will be a cream layer over a navy which in turn is over a cream muslin petticoat.  Really fun to wear.
I have however begun to plan way ahead and am carding some batts with my birthday fibre (thank you Freyalyn.)

I am also going to attempt to update this blog more than once a month..... 

Saturday, 5 March 2016

And I missed February Completely!

Well it has been a busy 2 months whilst at the same time doing very little.  

I have been finally diagnosed as having Cushings Syndrome (the is in addition to the Brittle Asthma, COPD, Bronchiectasis and Oesophagitus) and the third one of the ever growing list that comes with a "oh PS, this might kill you" tag.  The bottom line is I shall be on oral steroids of one level or another permanently.  The trick is to get them down to a level that they mimic my bodies own levels....  This would be fairly easy, if I didn't keep having bouts of Brittle Asthma that lead to the dose being suddenly increased 4 fold. And then I'm left to drop it back down over the course of the next 6 - 12 months or so, whilst avoiding another ambulance/bout of asthma that hikes it back up.  I haven't succeeded particularly well this year so far... On the other hand, it does explain the stroke like episodes I keep having, and the lesions on brain scan last December.

So, I am still busy doing very little. Some knitting is going on. But I keep misinterpreting the patterns and having to rip it back... same goes for the sewing.  As for spinning? It is progressing very slowly, hampered by being unable to go out into the cold/being too tired (and therefore reach my favourite wheel!) and being stuck with my Suzy. (A good wheel, please don't get me wrong, but not the one I want to spin on at the moment.)

And whilst all this is going on, the house is back on the market, hopefully to be sold before the Oilseed Rape pollen season starts again round here so that we can move to the seaside and I can avoid another ambulance. 

As I said, busy doing nothing.  As for the lack of positivity?  I blame it on the Steroids!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wading through custard is a great start to the New Year!

With my lungs being the way they are and the meds I'm on, life for me is like running on custard.  With the new meds I was put on and the steroids I am still on, I was whizzing about (well from where I'm looking it felt like whizzing.  If asked, I suspect Darling Son would say more like a tortoise on tranquilizers).  I was achieving stuff for the first time in months.  Ok, so close to 18 months. And then I caught my Dear Husbands cold. and suddenly I'm not longer running over custard, I stopped to look at something and suddenly I'm wading through it!  Bugger.  

Sunday marked the first paramedic visit of the year, and very nearly the first hospital visit, (thank you Dean (Wingnut) and Sarah, you were brilliant). I am now stuck in the warm, on even more steroids and bored stiff.

I had managed to clear both my wheels before Christmas, and make my party outfit.  My workshop is all swept and ready for the next tasks.  Cloth is cut and waiting at my sewing station, and fabulous Shetland/BFL is carded and ready next to my wheel.  And there they will have to stay until at least next Monday.  I'm still wading through custard and it's just too much.  The same can be said for my loom which is warped and ready to weave!  

Knitting and or spinning on the house wheel is ok in very short bursts, but not in bursts long enough to satisfy. However, it will just have to suffice until I can manage more!

So Happy New Year to all, and may the best of your past be the worst of your future.  I shall be the grumpy one in the corner, with my grey sulky cloud hovering overhead.....

Sunday, 15 November 2015

I don't care....

In the light of the terrorist attack on Paris this week I really feel the need to say this.

The attack upon Paris left 129 dead and hundreds wounded. I don't care who did it. Whatever the political/religious leanings were that brought them to this point, it was immoral and it was wrong.
It was just as immoral and just as wrong when, in April terrorists attacked a University in Kenya and left 147 dead and at least 79 wounded.  Again, I don't care which organisation was responsible, it cannot be argued from any direction that this was morally right.

I have not named the group who has claimed responsibility for these attacks and others on purpose. They have had sufficient publicity with out me adding to it.

Which leads me my next point.  I am proud to say that my friends have always come from different backgrounds than my own.  I don't care what their religion is, or what their skin colour is.  I.  Don't.  Care.  As long as we have shared interests and a common ground upon which to meet and discuss, anything really, I find the rest irrelevant.

Which also means I do not, cannot, offend easily.

However.  I can not tolerate bigotry or sectarianism, racism or xenophobia.  I don't care who says it. It is not productive nor will it move us as people forward. The lack of tolerance of others in the world today is  of serious concern,  Whilst we may not agree with the worldview of others, attempting to change it by force or violence will never, and has never succeeded.