Wednesday, 10 December 2014

That went well!

I have had a pretty nasty November.  Most of it has been my fault in a way, as I ignored the warning signs that were flagging up left and right (really easy to see when you look back, not so easy when you are pushing past them or looking forward.)  I ignored the cold I went down with.  In my defence, it only seemed a little one and it didn't seem to slow me down that much. WRONG!  I ended up with a rather unpleasant ambulance ride and several hours in A & E to prove it.  On the plus side, once I was finally popped in cubical rather than being parked in a corridor, I noticed that they had decorated since last time I visited, so that was nice. 
IMAG1116So. I have promised myself (and more importantly DH!) that I will slow down and plod!  So that is what I am doing, and trying to enjoy it.  Suffice to say, I'm not enjoying it, as I prefer to ignore that fact my lungs are totally unreliable as much as possible.  Oh well.
As a result of this, there has been lots of dozing over knitting and spindling by the fire and very little I have finisheds! All in all, most frustrating.  Especially as I know it will now be like this for the rest of the winter. Bah!
I have however, managed to finish the 100gms of rainbows (thank you Limegreenjelly) that I began oh so long ago, and that is being plyed with some Merino and silk I dyed in different shades of charcoal.  I have also spun some of the Romney/Shetland, so progress is being made.  The same is true of the BFL/Shetland fleeces. But for me, not enough, NOT ENOUGH I say!  Oh well, repeat after me, I WILL PLOD SLOWLY! Humph!
I'm stopping now, as I've just worked out I'm approximately 3 months behind the goals I wanted to meet this year. Staggering off snorting.... (I would laugh, but it still makes me choke).

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It's no good, I will have to come clean

IMAG1039I, am an intermittent blogger!  There.  I said it.  I try to keep up to date, no really, I do.  It's just that I'm pants at it. Wow! I feel better for that!
I shall however, try to keep up with what has been happening here at Yarnspider.  Some of it is mildly interesting, so here we are. 

IMAG1040Firstly, this is George, and I love him. He sort of fell out of Ebay-land a few weeks ago. When he arrived, we discovered that he was in a bit of a state. Whilst the wheel itself was sound, the flyer and the 'bobbin' (yes singular!) were too far gone to save. The same went for the leather bearings.  After careful consideration and discussion with several spinning friends (thank you Anita and Carol!) It was decided it would be easier to replace them in entirety.  So I measured up and purchased an Ashford Double drive High speed Flyer and 4 bobbins (from P & M Wool Craft). With his new Kit George spins beautifully.  Although, I really do prefer my big Scandinavian wheel, George sits in the corner and is available when I want him, what more could a girl ask?

IMAG1029In other things, all the purple Camel/Silk has been woven.  It is purple, honest!  Actually, it's all different shades of lavenders and purples and looks lovely.  Should be warm too which is part of the aim with this length of cloth! The Alpaca yumminess is all ready to be wound and to become the next metre and a half or so and then the rest will be fairly plain, using up some oatmeal lambs wool and silk I found in the stash! The warp is camel, so once finished I should have sufficient for not one but 2 No 64 tops from Merchant and Mills.  I wanted something with pockets to drop over my dresses and skirts for the coming winter.

IMAG1037I have been spinning, the rainbows are coming along nicely and whilst stash diving for something completely different I came across some reeled silk.  And I had 2 bobbins of alpaca sitting patiently, waiting to be plyed.... I suspect they may well end up on the loom as a weft sometime in the next 6 months!  I stumbled over some duck egg blue cashmere which would really work with it!
IMAG1036Romney Fleece - Jen & Andy 2 The wheels are being cleared as I am hoping to start some serious spinning for friends of ours in November.  In the meanwhile, I shall leave you with a little treat.

On other matters, the Margaret Beaufort Sweater is coming on a treat, as are some kilt hose (only a couple of weeks late for their prospective owner at this rate!).  My dress is cut out and coming together rather nicely.  I am taking pictures as I go so it should even get an entry of it's own!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

And the biggest advantage of having a work shop is....

IMAG1010When you are obliged to leave half way through a task, it's not the end of the world if you don't come back to it immediately!

Which was just as well this afternoon when the phone rang and took up sewing time.  Hopefully tomorrow, I shall be able to show you what I have been working on.


In the meanwhile, I'll point out my dressmakers dummy.  Who's been adjust to my shape.  I wandered down to out local horse bits emporium and picked up 2 sets of reusable bandages and the appropriate wadding.  I then took it in two stages from this, via this, to the version above.  I went over myself with my tape measure about 6 times.  In addition to bust, waist and hips. I then added bust split into to two, front and back.(This way if you have a narrow back it makes it easier to adjust the garment to size).  The same with the hip measurement.  But also I took the length of torso and where the fullest part of the bust occurs as this makes a huge difference as to where the bust darts go!  For some reason the busts on the original body were a sight more pert than was strictly kind, and the belly completely flat (that like is real!). The reason I used the self sticky bandage and padding, is that if like me your shape fluctuates it is very easy to adjust and also still takes pins.  More tomorrow, now for knitting and Strictly!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

And two in one day!

I really have been busy to day (probably to make up for the inactivity of the last couple I suspect!)

IMAG1002 We started off with breakfast out at the knit and natter venue (the Local Brewers Faire) so that the Boys could have a fry up whilst I nipped round the corner into the other bit and chatted (ok, squeaked!) with the ladies of Yarning in Bridgy. After earning the enmity of a random small child, probably for eternity.*

IMAG0996 We felt as it was raining. A lot, we would give the outdoor Glastonbury Wool Faire a miss and tootle over to Lytes Cary for lunch (yummy), a mooch about the craft faire (very interesting, I bought a basket), and a look about the House and Gardens (really excellent, the Sun came out!)

* First I stepped backward and stood on her as the Little Dear tried to slide behind me without saying excuse me, whilst sock shod on her way back from ball pit.  Then, we collided in a second doorway, I stopped short and my croissant continued to slide from my plate and sort of landed at her feet.  And I really won't go into the whole latte/froth/overfilled by the machine/turning to find her far too close again thing.  Best to pull a veil I think.