Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wading through custard is a great start to the New Year!

With my lungs being the way they are and the meds I'm on, life for me is like running on custard.  With the new meds I was put on and the steroids I am still on, I was whizzing about (well from where I'm looking it felt like whizzing.  If asked, I suspect Darling Son would say more like a tortoise on tranquilizers).  I was achieving stuff for the first time in months.  Ok, so close to 18 months. And then I caught my Dear Husbands cold. and suddenly I'm not longer running over custard, I stopped to look at something and suddenly I'm wading through it!  Bugger.  

Sunday marked the first paramedic visit of the year, and very nearly the first hospital visit, (thank you Dean (Wingnut) and Sarah, you were brilliant). I am now stuck in the warm, on even more steroids and bored stiff.

I had managed to clear both my wheels before Christmas, and make my party outfit.  My workshop is all swept and ready for the next tasks.  Cloth is cut and waiting at my sewing station, and fabulous Shetland/BFL is carded and ready next to my wheel.  And there they will have to stay until at least next Monday.  I'm still wading through custard and it's just too much.  The same can be said for my loom which is warped and ready to weave!  

Knitting and or spinning on the house wheel is ok in very short bursts, but not in bursts long enough to satisfy. However, it will just have to suffice until I can manage more!

So Happy New Year to all, and may the best of your past be the worst of your future.  I shall be the grumpy one in the corner, with my grey sulky cloud hovering overhead.....

Sunday, 15 November 2015

I don't care....

In the light of the terrorist attack on Paris this week I really feel the need to say this.

The attack upon Paris left 129 dead and hundreds wounded. I don't care who did it. Whatever the political/religious leanings were that brought them to this point, it was immoral and it was wrong.
It was just as immoral and just as wrong when, in April terrorists attacked a University in Kenya and left 147 dead and at least 79 wounded.  Again, I don't care which organisation was responsible, it cannot be argued from any direction that this was morally right.

I have not named the group who has claimed responsibility for these attacks and others on purpose. They have had sufficient publicity with out me adding to it.

Which leads me my next point.  I am proud to say that my friends have always come from different backgrounds than my own.  I don't care what their religion is, or what their skin colour is.  I.  Don't.  Care.  As long as we have shared interests and a common ground upon which to meet and discuss, anything really, I find the rest irrelevant.

Which also means I do not, cannot, offend easily.

However.  I can not tolerate bigotry or sectarianism, racism or xenophobia.  I don't care who says it. It is not productive nor will it move us as people forward. The lack of tolerance of others in the world today is  of serious concern,  Whilst we may not agree with the worldview of others, attempting to change it by force or violence will never, and has never succeeded.  

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Two in one Month!


Yesterday was our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  And it came as a bit of a surprise to be honest.  Not that we have managed 25 years (as people have been congratulating us both on doing), but that it has been 25 years!  To me, it really doesn't feel that long at all, day to day, it's been an adventure and on the whole I think I shall be looking forward to the next bit.

I managed to catch a cold from somewhere about 3 weeks ago and have been officially uninterested in most things for the last couple of weeks. Finally, I'm managing to get over it helped by lots of prescription meds and rest and this morning the newest one arrived which seems to be really quite effective!  And about time.

IMAG0158IMAG0159Just before I went splat, I managed to cut out some patterns for a winter wardrobe (in time this year!) so I shall slowly piece and sew those in the next week or so and make an effort to get back on my feet. Again. And hopefully I shall be back to spinning and weaving in the next week or so, but slowly, very slowly......  I the meanwhile, a lot of feet up with knitting is being done. (It's a shame, the camera on my phone is quite useless.  It's leached all the colour from the fabulous clotted creamy Merino D'Arles from John Arbon)

Friday, 11 September 2015

Little Victories

It really has been a couple of weeks, the pollen count is up and my lungs have decided that filling up with snot is the way to go.  Which has slowed me up even more than usual!  So it has been a week of little victories and slow pottering.

I finally got around to washing some yarn that I finished a couple of months or so ago.  It's 300gms of Black BFL (Freyalyn's Iris) and 200gm of John Arbons Polworth.  I love the sublety of colour and sheen on it and so warm and snuggy.

After being in charge when the kettle stopped working, the spin dryer blew the fuses throughout the house, and several other minor catastrophes, the boys informed me that I was to do NOTHING involving electricity, or sharp objects for a couple of days....

So I have been spinning.  I'm now on the 3rd colour of the most fabulous BFL/Shetland fleece from Fernhill Farm.
Islmost spins itself.  But as I am spinning it all worsted it's taking a wee bit more concentration than usual.  Also, it is to be used as a warp so it has all to be consistant and fine.... It helps when the quality is this good though.

A visit to the Lung clinic yesterday was useful, and I now have yet more medication on it's way.  If it works it will be a step forward...

Due to the medication... I'm in the enviable position of having to replace me entire wardrobe due to the summers additional steroids have put me 
up an additional 3 dress sizes and none of my clothes fit! But this is good!  This means I get to make myself lots of new clothes.... (Small Victories!)

I've even been able to start knitting the Layette for my brother and his wife....  It's handspun Merino D'Arles from John Arbon fabulous stuff so light and bouncy and a totally brainless knit!  It's the Stonington Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop and I really can't work out why I haven't cast this on before!

Oh well ever onward.