Tuesday, 30 September 2014

And Tuesday is Parcel Day!


IMAG0973They arrived!  And so quickly too.  The proceeds of the last dress alteration/sale.  2 Patterns and 3 metres of Cotton Chambray. So beautifully parcelled, my heart did a little fillip when I undid the bow.  The Chambray is for the trouser pattern.  I really wear trousers, but I saw a design the other day that didn't have a waistband but a very deep welt of ribbed cotton instead, and it go me thinking, by using this pattern and replacing the waistband with ribbing I could potentially wear trousers.....  yay!  So this is to have a go.  What will be made first though will the Top 64.  And that will be because I'm in the process of weaving the cloth to make a couple!

IMAG0976It's a Llama warp and at the moment a hand spun baby camel and silk weft, although the second half will be woven with a hand spun alpaca weft so that I can make 2!  Yay! I'm so organised me...  worry not, normal service will resumed very quickly!

The flick carding was postponed as DS had flu, what can I say? Get better soon Son.... There is always tomorrow.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Monday is always a Quiet day.

Monday is always quiet around here, DH asleep from working nights and DS, asleep. So I tend to potter a lot and all the fabulous plans I had for my day on Sunday nights go whizzing out of the window.  I did however manage to put my rovings to dry once DS had moved the spin dryer out to where I could use it. That was later. The rest of my my morning was spent amending in the sewing room.  This is a bit like mending, but it makes clothes more wearable.  Either because they are a Kaftan that MIL was kind enough to "see if Sarah would like" (It has foam facings for goodness sake!  More of that later in the week.), or because, as was the case this morning, it is one of my own creations that I'm just not that happy with and had thrown back onto the Do Something! pile.  So dress now tweaked and back on the to wear list.

IMAG0971This afternoon was spent with my feet up knitting.  A lot. Firstly, the Margaret Beaufort sweater from Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore. It's a well written pattern and fairly easy to knit, it's not the recommended yarn, but a stash find DK that I'm really enjoying.  DS went into shock today when he discovered I had swatched before starting... Ah well.

IMAG0970The other knitting project that really should be off my needles by the end of the week, as I have a pair of kilt socks to knit by the end of October, are socks to my own pattern, knitted in hand spun Dorset Horn in Half Moon by Freyalyn I really enjoyed spindling this and it is as much fun to knit.  There will be pink afterthought heels to match the pink toes and at the moment I'm toying with pink cuffs... hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow is flick carding and weaving I think. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Post a day for a whole week!

Can I do it?  Only one way to find out I suppose. 

IMAG0969I have had a pretty productive (and far too busy!) day.  Combined popping out this morning for coffee with picking up this fantastic little pasta pan from the local Freecycle thingy. Not totally free, but ideal for kettle dying smaller amounts of fibre AND it has an extra steamer thingy to fit in the top yay! (How anyone can get excited about cookware, really!)
IMAG0966IMAG0958I then made use of my trusty fish kettle to dye some really fine Merino/Silk rovings from John Arbon . I wanted these to ply with the rainbows I'm spinning from LimegreenJelly (Care Bear). I was sorely temped to rush and get more rainbows but sense prevailed.  That and I had ordered vast quantities of weaving yarn (World of Wool) and the most fabulous beads for weaving with (White Giraffe).  And then there were the patterns from Merchant and Mills and whilst it is my birthday this month, enough is enough!

So I am all shopped out until after Christmas!  But I should have lots of fun....

And so more tomorrow...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

It's been a while.

IMAG0958And I have been very lax in posting.  September is an odd month for us, our friends Freya and Mark visit every year, and it marks the end of our summer.  This year however, they arrived a little early and we thought that they had brought the Autumn with them.  But no, it was an hiatus and the weather is still amazingly hot, so instead of marking the end of Summer and welcoming Autumn their visit was instead a fabulous pause in the rhythm of the seasons and late Summer seems still to be stretching on before us.

IMAG0882IMAG0889Whilst they were down, we visited the Kaffe Fassett Exhibition at the American Museum just outside of Bath. It was fabulous to see all that creativity in one place and whilst I do like a lot of his designs I really feel that needlepoint is the medium that really shows his best work. All of it was beautifully presented and really accessible.  As was the rest of the museum, and I hope I shall get an opportunity to return and take another look at their textiles before the Museum slows down for the winter.

A couple of trips to the seaside have occurred since I last blogged, both mini holidays and we even managed to visit a yarn shop on the way on the second. (The Wool Merchant in Tiverton, a truly wonderful place that as you can see, even DH approved!). 

I also have had the first bout of lurgi for the Autumn which have meant really I haven't done that much on the creative side.  I've just been too tired! And it has left me with no voice - argh! But that is now wearing off and my loom is now sleyed. The To-Do pile in my sewing room has been organised, as has the To-Do stack in my spinning room!  (Both in workshop - honest!) So with any luck what I would like to think of as normal blogging will be back over the next week or so.